Holiness of Shabbat

The Havdalah service offers a unique and meaningful way to conclude Shabbat and usher in the new week. This service is a perfect opportunity to blend tradition with personal preferences, reflecting the diversity of Jewish denominations, beliefs, and practices.  Havdallah means “separation” in which we celebrate the end of Shabbat and the beginning of a new week thus separating the holiness of Shabbat, a day of rest and spiritual reflection, to the regular activities of the week.


Brief but Profound Ritual

The Havdalah service is a brief but profound ritual that typically involves the use of a special Havdalah set consisting of a braided candle, a spice box, and a kiddush cup filled with wine or grape juice. The ceremony involves lighting the candle, smelling the spices, and reciting blessings over wine and the separation of the holy and the mundane, which is symbolized by the act of extinguishing the candle in the wine.  

Havdalah, A Traditional Ceremonies

People often think of bar or bat mitzvahs as traditional ceremonies that take place at a temple or synagogue yet ceremonies that take place outside the synagogue setting have become increasingly popular. Jewish and interfaith families are increasingly choosing Saturday night Havdalah ceremonies. These Havdalah bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah ceremonies are ideal since the ceremony flows right into the Saturday night party at the same venue. 

Childhood Years & the Beginning of Adolescence

The Havdalah ceremony is also a perfect way to celebrate because it means separation and this lifecycle event is a separation from a child’s childhood years and the beginning of adolescence. Havdalah is a truly beautiful ceremony and a great way to celebrate a child’s bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah.

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